Community September 12, 2023

Crossroads Rotary of Kitsap: Improving Our Parks and Trails

If you have enjoyed a walk in a local park lately, chances are you have a volunteer to thank for making the experience more enjoyable. With tens of thousands of acres of parks and trails in Kitsap County, volunteer groups and “adopt a trail” programs are what make maintaining them all possible. Crossroads Rotary of Kitsap is one of the local groups stepping up.

Port Gamble Trail Project

Port Gamble’s “Bluff Trail” was previously managed by the North Kitsap Trails Association, but was adopted by the Crossroads and Silverdale Rotary clubs. They have assisted Kitsap County Parks in installing three new benches and expanding the parking lot. The Bluff Trail winds along the shoreline of Port Gamble Bay, just south of town. It is the former location of one of the oldest roads in Kitsap County. In fact, you can see remnants of the old road along the path. The Bluff Trail is part of the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park, a large preserve with just shy of 3,500 acres of multi-use trails, including a haven for mountain bikers. The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance – West Sound Chapter is another integral organization for trail conservation. Near the Bluff Trail at the water’s edge, you’ll find an access point to the Kitsap Peninsula National Water Trails system.

Want to help with this trail project? Crossroads’ next work party at the Bluff Trail is Saturday, September 23rd from 9:00 AM to noon. All are welcome.

Other Park Projects

Crossroads members also volunteer at Raab Park and Fish Park, which are managed by Poulsbo Parks & Recreation. At Raab Park, Crossroads has done work parties to clear invasive plants from the dog park area and clean up the sports courts. Additionally, plans are in the works for a new trail. It will connect two existing trails on the west side of the park. This trail “intersection” will be appropriately named the “Crossroads Trail” and will complete a loop around the park.

At Poulsbo’s Fish Park, Crossroads Rotary helps out with the general cleanup of invasive weeds and trail maintenance. More substantially, they have been replacing worn-out, non-slip treads along the boardwalks through the woods. Thanks to them, more of us can safely enjoy the trails regardless of the weather.

More about Crossroads

Crossroads is part of Rotary International which has 1.4 million members with 46,000+ clubs around the globe. One of the main missions of the organization is “Service above self”. This is echoed in the selfless work that is done in and for our communities. Founded in 2019, Crossroads Rotary’s name points to the club’s location and the geography of its founding members. It is “located at the crossroads to Kingston, Bainbridge Island, Silverdale, and Poulsbo”.

Get Involved

While many Rotary clubs meet in the morning or during lunchtime hours, which can be hard with work schedules and/or children, Crossroads meets at 6:00 PM every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. You’ll find members in the back room of Western Red Brewing in Poulsbo. If you are interested in learning more about the Crossroads Rotary Club of Kitsap, you can visit their Facebook page or attend a meeting as a guest.

Looking for other ways to get involved in our community? Check out other wonderful nonprofit organizations like the Poulsbo Historical Society, Kitsap Community Foundation, and Fishline Food Bank. There are so many rewarding ways to get connected and give back.