Home December 1, 2022

Easy Ways to Brighten Your Home in Winter

If winter’s gray skies tend to dampen your mood, there are easy ways to brighten your home. With a few simple changes, your home will feel sunnier. Consider the following home decor ideas to give your home an illuminating lift.

Maximize Sunlight

Since there are fewer sunny days this time of year, it’s important to make the most of them! Start by making sure there isn’t anything blocking sunlight. Do simple things such as opening the curtains, raising the blinds, and moving bulky furniture away from the windows. During summer, it’s easy to fall out of the habit of doing some of these tasks, but in winter fully opened curtains can make all the difference. If you typically keep rooms that face east, west, or south shut, now is the time to keep those doors open. This allows more light to spread throughout your home from areas that receive the most sun. Also, hanging mirrors in strategic areas across from windows helps reflect more light back into rooms, brightening spaces even more.

Use Light Colors

Another way to brighten your home is by adding light colors to further enhance natural sunlight. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can do this by repainting the darkest rooms. There are a surprising array of color options to choose from; bright white isn’t the only solution anymore. Or, if you would rather keep things simple, consider adding a dash of color with a lovely new wall hanging, bright throw pillows, or an eye-popping blanket from a wonderful local shop like Bainbridge’s Conservatory Coastal Home. Alternatively, check out Red Plantation Marketplace in Poulsbo for interesting vintage finds. You can also add a bit of authentic Scandinavian flare by shopping at Nordiska, also in Poulsbo. These are fun ways to give the room a fresh new look.

Purchase Daylight Lightbulbs

Another great way to bring more light into a room is by using lightbulbs that mimic natural light. Typically, standard lightbulbs produce a warm-colored light (more yellow) compared to the cool-colored light of the sun. By replacing some bulbs with cool-colored light, it can feel as if more sun is entering your home. The type of light should be indicated on the lightbulb package. If it’s not clear, 3,500K – 5,000K light bulbs are a good option.

Add Fun Lamps

No matter what you try, there will be some rooms with dark corners or areas that still feel a bit gloomy. These are great places to add fun lamps. There are so many great lighting options these days. Furnish Bainbridge has beautifully unique options. You can also find lamps in unexpected shapes, like this fun whale tail at Eclectic Home Furnishings in Silverdale. A new lamp can really light up a room and spark conversations.

Showcase Greenery

Plants also brighten your home, and they can be good for your health. A touch of greenery can help purify the air and can improve overall mental health. Check out Good Housekeeping’s list of the best indoor plants for your health, including spider plants, peace lilies, and rubber plants. Many of the options listed are easy to care for as well. If you would like additional help in picking the best plant, the friendly staff at Olmsted’s Nursery and Valley Nursery are great Poulsbo resources.