Home August 2, 2022

Revamp Your Home: Easy DIY Weekend Projects

If you’re feeling a bit tired of your current surroundings, now’s the time to spruce up your home with a few easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) weekend projects. You can easily complete these projects in two days or less; they won’t feel overwhelming or stressful. Start something new with one or more of these home projects below.

Entrance: Paint Your Front Door

A great way to give your home a new look is by painting the front door. Your front door welcomes guests, and it’s something you see every day. It can really set the tone for how you feel about your house and how it’s perceived from the curb. Take time to consider what look you prefer: something stately, something eye-catching, or something more neutral. Also, take into consideration the overall color scheme of your home and whether you prefer a door with high contrast or a complementary shade. Better Homes & Gardens provides a great list of considerations when choosing a color.

Once you’ve chosen and purchased a color, watch the weather and plan on painting during a weekend predicted to have sunny skies. You want to make sure your new paint job has plenty of time to dry, including the primer layer and the final coating. Start by finding a protected but airy space to prep and paint the door. Then follow these seven simple steps to complete your new look.

Bedroom: Add Floating Shelving

Infuse your bedroom’s decor with floating shelving. Adding shelves to your walls will free up clutter in other areas, give you new decorating options, and make the most of your vertical space. Floating shelves will give you more opportunities to display your favorite items and give the room greater overall appeal.

To begin, decide what floating shelving style is best for you and matches your bedroom. There are a variety of materials, sizes, colors, and thicknesses to choose from. Once you’ve found shelves you like, make sure you have all the other supplies you need to hang them, including a stud finder and level. Home Depot describes the six steps to successfully hang floating shelves. However, step six, “add flair” is entirely up to you!

Bathroom: Change the Cabinet Hardware

A very easy way to refresh the look of your bathroom is by changing the hardware on your cabinets. It also doesn’t require much time or money, a win-win! To get started, take a look at your sink and shower hardware and decide whether you would like to match or contrast those colors or simply focus on the cabinets themselves.

Next, remove some hardware from the cabinets to bring to the store to help you find matching-sized screws and fittings. Then it’s really up to you to find the hardware that has the look, style, and vibe you prefer. If you get started and suddenly feel compelled to start changing faucets and more, check out these tips on mixing and matching bathroom hardware.

Kitchen: Add a Backsplash

Adding a backsplash above the counter behind your sink is an excellent way to elevate your kitchen. Plus, this addition has many practical applications such as protecting your walls from food stains and watermarks. And, it’s much easier to clean than paint.

To start, choose a tile that matches your kitchen and adds to the overall look. Keep in mind that smaller mosaic tiles come in 12 by 12-inch sheets, so choosing this look won’t actually take longer in comparison to larger tiles. Once you’ve chosen a tile, measure the space to gauge how many tiles you’ll need and purchase all the supplies at the same time. The Family Handyman provides a thorough supply list for a tile backsplash and walks you through the process in five steps. These steps include information on how to cut tile to fit around electrical outlets and other small spaces. In one weekend, your kitchen will have a whole new feel!

Living Room: Revamp Your Coffee Table

Liven up your living room with a coffee table that’s both practical and sparks conversation. The living room is your home’s gathering place and deserves a focal point with artistic aspects and functional appeal (think storage and organization).

There are many options for DIY coffee tables that incorporate repurposed materials including windows, shutters, crates, and doors. Some go further by creating DIY coffee tables using more unique materials such as wine barrels, bottle caps, and even palettes. Just make sure to choose a style that best fits your budget and time constraints and energizes you to try something new.

Outdoor Area: Make a Compost Bin

Want to help the environment by composting? Compost bins can be expensive and some take up a ton of space. However, this DIY compost bin project is pretty simple and the bin is compact. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have your own composting setup, and your garden will really thank you. If you’re looking for other easy DIY projects to make your home more eco-friendly, here are six ideas to help you get started.