Buyers July 14, 2022

Managing Expectations When Buying a Home

While having an idea of what you want in a new home is important, managing expectations is also crucial to a smooth home buying experience and long-term purchase satisfaction. Knowing more about the local market and what’s available in your price range will empower you as you begin searching for the perfect place. The following tips and insights from some of our Windermere Poulsbo agents will help you get started.

Buyers, Keep Your Head Up: Be Prepared

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions you will make. As with all important purchases, the more you know the better. Being prepared will help you have a realistic outlook in a competitive market. Thankfully, you don’t have to prepare on your own. A great real estate agent will help guide you through the process. “Your realtor should have extensive knowledge of the local market, and should share current market data so you have a solid understanding of trends and patterns,” explains Managing Broker/Realtor Marisa Robba. For more insights on how to prepare, watch Marisa’s video below.

Aging and Your Forever Home: Consider Downsizing

As you think about buying a home, also think about the future. If your children are grown or you don’t need as much space, this might be a good time to downsize. Or as what Broker/Realtor Forrest Arnold likes to call right-sizing. Moving into a smaller place can help manage your expectations by simplifying your buying options and financial obligations. Also, as you think about getting older, it’s important to consider finding a place that you imagine living in for a long time, your forever home. A house where you can age in place safely. “The key here is realistic advanced planning for your peace of mind, and the peace of mind for your family,” Forrest explains. Watch Forrest’s video to learn more about finding the right place for both your present and future self.

Buying Land: Do Your Research

If you would prefer to move into a brand new home and know exactly what you want, then buying land might be the best option for you. In Kitsap County, there is undeveloped land available to build your dream home. This is an exciting option that allows you to customize a home to suit your lifestyle. But before you dive in, make sure you know what to look for. Simply looking at the local plat map isn’t enough, buying land is a complex process. Broker/Realtor Annita Baze Hansen recommends walking the land to discover whether there are “steep slopes, wetlands, or streams. Setbacks will limit the building site for building a home.” Watch Annita’s video to learn other great tips for buying land.

Find an Agent: Work With an Expert

Buying a home is much more complicated than your average purchase. You will have to navigate competing with other buyers, negotiating with the seller, acquiring a loan, etc. Agents have the education and experience in real estate to help manage your expectations and guide you through this complex and sometimes stressful process. Real estate agents know all the tricks of the trade and will represent your best interests during the purchase. Plus, as Broker/Realtor Brystal Narte points out, agents “have access to off-market listings that would otherwise be unavailable” to buyers. Watch Brystal’s video to learn more about why working with an expert is best.

Choose a Local Agent: Build a Relationship

Working with a local real estate agent is the best way to start building a relationship with your new community. Not only are they experts on the local market, but they also have deep knowledge of various neighborhoods, community perks, and local schools. Additionally, they live and work in the community and are a fabulous resource to answer any and all questions you may have. As Brokers/Realtors Kimmel & Young share “it’s not so much transactional as it is relational.” Learn more from the Kimmel & Young team on the benefits of working with local agents.

If this is your first time buying a home, our first-time home buying checklist and our home inspection checklist are also great resources to help you get started.